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Has it really been over a year that I stopped regularly blogging on here? Time sure passes pretty fast and again we arrive at another one of these. This upcoming Summer season is rather fantastic (though I would argue new anime seasons are ALWAYS fantastic), but this year in particular has been rather magical as the number of what I would call AAA shows keeps ramping up it seems. The only thing that could possibly make this the year any better for anime is if Accel World got a second season, but I may be getting into the realm of delusions there. How has everyone been? Me? I’ve been doing fairly well in my personal life (at last) and professionally things are somewhat where I want them to be (though I still would like to win the lottery; I hope someone up there is listening). Well anyways, lets get to it. shall we?

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Here’s the promised Winter 2013 season preview, Quite a number of excellent series, but as always the Winter season is lacking when compared to the Fall season. Still there’s a little bit for everyone and my top picks for the seasons seem to hit every genre as well.

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