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A tad late with this, but the season has practically started so I’ll try to be on point.

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Here we are at another Fall Season. As I may have stated much earlier in the year, 2014 in particular seems to be a greater than usual year for anime. This fall fully exemplifies that and with the amount of shows I’m saying YES to, I certainly believe that to be the case. All in all, we are “ending” the year with a bang. Yes, I know that there is the Winter Season coming up after, but depending on your view of things; that could be considered the start of next year.

So here we go, let’s end this with a bang!

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Has it really been over a year that I stopped regularly blogging on here? Time sure passes pretty fast and again we arrive at another one of these. This upcoming Summer season is rather fantastic (though I would argue new anime seasons are ALWAYS fantastic), but this year in particular has been rather magical as the number of what I would call AAA shows keeps ramping up it seems. The only thing that could possibly make this the year any better for anime is if Accel World got a second season, but I may be getting into the realm of delusions there. How has everyone been? Me? I’ve been doing fairly well in my personal life (at last) and professionally things are somewhat where I want them to be (though I still would like to win the lottery; I hope someone up there is listening). Well anyways, lets get to it. shall we?

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2014


“Once you are loved and once you have loved, you cannot forget it.”

Happy Valentine’s Day 2014!

Happy Chinese New Year 2014


Happy Chinese Near Year 2014!

Year of the Horse here we go!

Summer Delusions

Hey everyone,

I’m sorry for not posting in so long, between finals, graduation, and job searching; my life has been rather hectic in the last few weeks.

I’ll admit that I’ve had more free time than I’ve let on, but I’ve been very lazy about it. I had expected Xewleer to post some things, but he has his own troubles…

I expect to make a few more posts in the coming days/weeks and hope to get this blog back to full speed (or realistically half speed) soon.

As for what has been going on, I’ve been spending some time on the NFWP Wiki that I share with a few people and a Youtube channel based on Cardfight!! Vanguard.

I’ve been playing the game for over half a year now and it has really changed my life for the better; I’ve met new people, had many new experiences, and generally just am better for it.

My main goal however is to find a stable job in the next few weeks (hopefully), so everything is really 2nd to that right now.


Ash here with another Afterword. This time I decided to marathon the two ef series, which I’d been meaning to for years. I find that my graduation in a month as an ending point of sorts for part of my life and I hope to wrap up many things I had wanted to do before reaching that point. Ef is a series that has been on my list for so long that I now own the bluray discs of the actual product in english. It’s been a long 6 or so years since I first laid eyes upon it, but hopefully now I can log this series down and be done with it. As for the ratings at the end, I realize there’s been a pattern with Afterwords lately but that’s just how it is. These are the kinds of shows I’ve been watching and they deserve every bit of it.

Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two consists of two parts. The first part is titled Ef: The First Tale and primarily consists of the story of Hiro Hirono, Miyako Miyamura, Kyosuke Tsutsumi, Kei Shindo, and Yuko Amamiya. It consists of a prologue and two main chapters with Miyako as the focus for the first chapter, and Kei for the second. This is followed by the second part of the story, Ef: The Latter Tale, which primarily deals with the story of Renji Aso, Chihiro Shindo, Shuichi Kuze, Mizuki Hayama, and Yu Himura. The second part consists of two more main chapters and an ending chapter, with Chihiro as the focus for the third chapter, and Mizuki for the fourth. Bringing the two parts together forms the all-encompassing Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two. The story is set in the town Otowa (音羽).

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Ash here with another one of these for the upcoming season. I’ve pretty much finished the majority of my stuff from previous seasons (expect afterwords sometime for the series that haven’t gotten one). Xewleer is using the past few days and the upcoming week to finish off his series as well. I’m hoping this will give us the fresh start we need to this next season.

As with most seasons nowadays, this season offers a little bit of everything (who says anime is dying again?) and hopefully you anime fans out there can stumble upon something to your own liking. To date, there hasn’t been a season without a show I could recommend to anyone and it is my hope that is the case for all seasons going forward, unchanged. The industry is constantly evolving to suit the tastes of its supporters and remains my favorite medium for story telling.

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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Afterword

Ash back with another Afterword. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted one of these, but I feel that this little gem of a series deserves this kind of recognition. Spring Break has ended for me and I return to classes tomorrow. There’s about 8 more weeks to go and then I’m out and done. The feeling is still pretty tense, but I’ve found a bit more joy in my life in the past six months. Between meeting a few new friends and interacting with older ones, I’ve begun to understand more and more about the wonders of life. I’m tryin to be optimistic here, but as a student on the verge of leaving that area of comfort, what can I say?

I’m not too sure about how this blog is going to go about in the next few months. I had originally started this as a “whatever” blog and now it seems most of what we post is anime. That isn’t necessarily a problem, but I want to vary it a bit more.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun focuses on the relationship between Shizuku Mizutani, who has absolutely no interests except in studying and her plans for the future, and a boy named Haru Yoshida, who sits next to Shizuku in class but rarely attends school. After Shizuku is tasked with delivering class printouts to Haru’s home, she meets Haru, who immediately greets her as a friend, starting their new relationship.

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Spring Break 2013

Just a heads up to everyone. Me and Xewleer have just started our Spring Break vacation. I’m not planning to do much, but I do still have work, real life responsibilities, and projects to do over the next week. I’ll try my best (along with Xewleer hopefully) to not let the blog fall (too) behind.

I’m fast approaching my graduation date (2 more months!), so I’m a bit nervous (isn’t that always the case with me?) I’m actually tacking two more classes this last half of the semester, but I’m unsure on one of them. Right now my choice is to go more into mathematics or do some critical thinking course. Both don’t sound fun in terms of work load, but I’m worried my math skills may be too far behind at this point to do much.

Other than that my main worry is my job opportunities after graduation; the next 2 months are going to be tough (at least mentally). I’m still debating on graduate school, but there’s that fear that I may not be able to pass the entrance test or that I won’t be able to do well in the courses. Whatever the case, I’m hoping it all works out.