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Happy Chinese New Year 2014


Happy Chinese Near Year 2014!

Year of the Horse here we go!

Happy Chinese New Year 2013

Happy Chinese Near Year 2013!

I believe we are in the Year of the Snake. I’m not really one to celebrate Chinese New Year, but I know a few of our readers do. Things have settled a bit and my final semester has had quite an impact on me in terms of the amount of work etc. The point is I don’t have as much time to game etc as I’d like, in fact I haven’t touched League of Legends in nearly a month. I’m hoping to free up some time to game and such soon, but things are looking grim. I’m remind of the saying that people grow out of games at moments like this, I don’t believe as I believe games (and anime) are mediums for all ages, just like books. Well whatever is actually the case, don’t let anyone tell you what to and what not to enjoy.

It’s the little things in life that often make it worth living after-all.

Man. Forget Akito.

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