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As I mentioned nearly a week ago in my last post, I spent most of this week in a Diablo III gaming frenzy. I spent the first few hours of release experiencing server issues, like a number of people also did. And After that was done and through I had a twelve hour marathon, where I ended up finishing the the entire campaign in normal mode. I’m currently a level 53 Wizard in Hell mode Act II named Kulea and I’ll try my best to detail some of my experience while keeping this post generally spoiler free.

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Weekend Wrap 05/12/12

Hello once again, Ash here and my break officially started a few days ago on Friday. I’m planning to take it a bit easy this summer, doing tons of gaming, anime watching, and writing. I have plans to finish the first story arc of Xanatos;Deception by July and I also signed up for a couple of summer classes. Other than that though, I’ll mostly be lazying around (though that doesn’t necessarily translate into me posting more).

Xewleer is currently on his two-week break for his own finals, so you all are mainly stuck with me for awhile. I’m hoping for for at least 3 more posts after this one, so please bear with me. Today I am unveiling our newest section: Weekend Wrap. Think of it as sort of a ramblings of our week with highlights into what we watched and a few other tidbits that are interesting or that we feel strongly about. This type of post is mainly for stuff that changes focus every week, where-as our Afterword/Post Script etc sections are more focussed on one topic.

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