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Fate/Zero retelling: Part 2

Part 2

Are you still listening? Watch the pictures moving, they are more eloquent than I. However, I have set myself to the task of summarizing this grand tale. So stay a while, and listen.

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Fate/Zero retelling: Part 1

Fate/Zero Part 1

Listen to the tales I have to tell you. Listen to the tales of death and terror. Listen to tales of magic and warriors!

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Been almost a month since the last one of these, I’m a terrible blogger :[. Not much has been going on over here, did have my wisdom teeth taken out and a few school projects, otherwise I’ve been lazing around. I’m going to try to fit in another post this week, but we’ll see how that goes. The biggest mental strain this week has to be the 4th of July Holiday coupled with bills I need to deal with. I saw the movie Ted and the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter movies, both recommended, but I won’t go anymore into either for this post.

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Spring 2012 Anime Season Picks

A rather short post, but I received a few requests from various people regarding my picks for the next season.

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Ideals of the King and Fate/Zero Part 3

This is the last on my series on Kingship and Fate/Zero. It’s been fun to do something like this, and I’ll continue to do other series. I’ll be doing one more on Kingship for a while, summarizing what I talked about here, as well as discussing what I have learned from other sources. Now we shall talk about the last of the kings talked about… the Paladin King.

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Ideals of the King and Fate/Zero Part 2

I know I said that I would talk about Machiavelli today, but I think that it is more important for me to finish my Series on Kingship before moving on to the Prince.

The King is one of the most important figure/types in our history. No other character can have such an effect on the masses, the nations and the legacies of humanity, as the King. Let’s begin our look at the Narcissist King.

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Ideals of the King and Fate/Zero Part 1

Episode 11 of Fate/Zero was the feast of Kings. It is an excellent episode, one of the best I have seen. People forget that leadership is all about philosophies. It is one of the great tests of manliness and personal ability alike. A good king will lead his people to greatness, fight off his enemies and his kingdom will last, at least, as long as the King lives.

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