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http://pcmaniac88.deviantart.com/art/Little-Busters-344512056 Every single on of these girls will die a cat lady or a serial killer. Sometimes both.

Yes I know that it’s not over, but I’ve made a decision and decided to review it as of episode Seventeen. I hope my reasons for abandoning the series are clear.

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Our first view of An and Tamaki’s mother. She seems a classy lady.

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Oh my goodness. The cuteness keeps going up and up. She and An just make come back for more! 😀

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The cuteness in this episode is absolutely crazy. In a good way.

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A picture I feel represents the series. A playful romp, but it goes somewhere. Maybe my favorite new show for the season.

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Just something random to bring a smile.


if only… if only…

The legend of One Piece!


There once was a man named Ash D. Roger, and he was king of the pirates. He had anime, Mp3s, and movies beyond your wildest dreams. Before they slapped him with a subpoena, this was the final post he blogged: “My data is yours for the taking, but you’ll have to find it first, I left everything I own in One Piece!” Ever since, internet pirates all over world have tried to log on to One Piece, the server that would make their dreams come true!