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As I mentioned nearly a week ago in my last post, I spent most of this week in a Diablo III gaming frenzy. I spent the first few hours of release experiencing server issues, like a number of people also did. And After that was done and through I had a twelve hour marathon, where I ended up finishing the the entire campaign in normal mode. I’m currently a level 53 Wizard in Hell mode Act II named Kulea and I’ll try my best to detail some of my experience while keeping this post generally spoiler free.

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League of Legends: My favorite champions


Well, I’ll talk about my three favorite champions: Nasus, Xerath and Nautilus. The game is League of Legends. Ten people are divided into 2 teams

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Project Ten Dollar

If it wasn’t for Ash, I wouldn’t be posting today, or probably not for the next week or two. So after roughly 30 minutes of debate, I have decided to write about EA’s new initiative on used games and another way of milking customers of their money, Project Ten Dollar. This also affects many other companies because many will fall into the bandwagon and charge for this new “DRM”.

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Halo: Reach, My Experiences (so far…)

So, the Halo: Reach beta went live today, May 3, 2010, and I have played roughly 10 matches and I will discuss my thoughts on how the beta is performing so far.

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The Rise of DLC in Gaming

For this article I will be detailing my opinions on how companies deal with downloadable content and how I think DLC can possibly sell games nowadays.

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What Can I Say? Fanboyism…

I was thinking about gaming trends and fanboyism and how it dominates the industry nowadays and these are my thoughts. Continue reading