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But our emotions are real.

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I’d consider myself lucky I guess. I mean, if I marry someone, it means I already love the side she’s been showing, right?

So if I find out later that she has another side to her and grow to love it too, It’d be double the experience.

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Asuna and Kirito are back together, this time it’s a murder mystery!

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Project Ten Dollar

If it wasn’t for Ash, I wouldn’t be posting today, or probably not for the next week or two. So after roughly 30 minutes of debate, I have decided to write about EA’s new initiative on used games and another way of milking customers of their money, Project Ten Dollar. This also affects many other companies because many will fall into the bandwagon and charge for this new “DRM”.

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The Rise of DLC in Gaming

For this article I will be detailing my opinions on how companies deal with downloadable content and how I think DLC can possibly sell games nowadays.

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A Welcoming Return (with a videogame review)

So… I have returned to this fateful blog, but this time I am going to do something different. Instead of strictly gaming news, I think I will add my opinions on what new games are out, what games I have finished, and whatever comes to mind in this tech-based world we live in. So I shall start with a review of the Xbox 360 game, Splinter Cell: Conviction. Continue reading

Steam Brings Lucasarts Classics

lucasarts steamOn Monday, July 6, LucasArts announced that they made a deal with Valve Software to host LucasArts classics on Valve’s prestigious Steam game distributing service. Continue reading

Can’t Sleep… Eden of the East

eote02It’s roughly 8am and I tried to go to bed but I could not fall asleep so here I am to speak my mind on an anime that I have recently finished.

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Who and What I Am…

chibi cloud

Hi to all. This is Kaizn. I am the tech junkie among my school of friends and that is what I plan to talk about in my blog posts. Continue reading