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Spring Break 2013

Just a heads up to everyone. Me and Xewleer have just started our Spring Break vacation. I’m not planning to do much, but I do still have work, real life responsibilities, and projects to do over the next week. I’ll try my best (along with Xewleer hopefully) to not let the blog fall (too) behind.

I’m fast approaching my graduation date (2 more months!), so I’m a bit nervous (isn’t that always the case with me?) I’m actually tacking two more classes this last half of the semester, but I’m unsure on one of them. Right now my choice is to go more into mathematics or do some critical thinking course. Both don’t sound fun in terms of work load, but I’m worried my math skills may be too far behind at this point to do much.

Other than that my main worry is my job opportunities after graduation; the next 2 months are going to be tough (at least mentally). I’m still debating on graduate school, but there’s that fear that I may not be able to pass the entrance test or that I won’t be able to do well in the courses. Whatever the case, I’m hoping it all works out.


I’ve only got a few words to say, but I’ve had an awesome night.

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