Hello again! Today I’m doing another one of these The World posts, the topic is a bit different than normal. Yes it’s another story arc, but this time around the idea is still very much concept.

Xanatos;Deception is the 3rd in the Xanatos series (Possibility and Rebellion being the first two) and it tells the story of a John something, the something being, I haven’t thought of the last name yet. Possibility and Rebellion were easier in that they dealt with a John Smith and John Titor respectively. This post however isn’t involving John’s story, it involves a character I will refer to as 2nd (john = 1st). 2nd is currently a placeholder, but for now she is a girl and her story is in the Realm of Reflection (hence the story titled as 2nd’s Reflection). Each of these “worlds” is a plain that houses one of the nine pieces of Liselotte Corvina’s soul. Liselotte, in short, was an ancient witch of great power that sought to destroy the order of The World. She was defeated when Senne, her cousin and person whom she loved, joined with 8 others to seal her for eternity. The price they paid however, was to gain a faux immortality and to become trapped in their own realms.

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