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The main girls. Kirara, Megumi, Mao, Shion, Tama. I only have eyes for Kirara and Geraldine!

GJ-bu. Kirara Cat-girl. Very nice indeed. Sadly otherwise forgettable.

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http://pcmaniac88.deviantart.com/art/Little-Busters-344512056 Every single on of these girls will die a cat lady or a serial killer. Sometimes both.

Yes I know that it’s not over, but I’ve made a decision and decided to review it as of episode Seventeen. I hope my reasons for abandoning the series are clear.

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I recently decided to take a break from my blogging series and watch K. You can find it all on hulu, btw. Spoilers ahoy!

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Man. Forget Akito.

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Yes, that’s right, I found a my little pony parody of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. What now? In all seriousness, FMAB was a good show, worth watching, especially if you’re shonen or action lovers.

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Cross Game Afterward


This has been an enjoyable stroll through the anime world. I find this a character driven show, rather than my usual plot driven fare.

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Afterward: Borrower Arrietty

Watch this trailer so you may understand why this movie should be watched by all!

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Cross Game Afterword

Well first off I will apologize as it has been a while. But I just managed to get through a 2-day complete marathon of the Cross Game anime. A quick wiki summary of the series,

“Cross Game is the story of Ko Kitamura and the four neighboring Tsukishima sisters, Ichiyo,
Wakaba, Aoba, and Momiji. Wakaba and Ko were born on the same day in the same hospital and are
close enough that Wakaba treats Ko as her boyfriend, though nothing is officially declared,[7]
while Aoba, one year younger than them, hates how Ko is “taking” her sister away from her. After
Wakaba dies, Ko and Aoba slowly grow closer as they strive to fulfill Wakaba’s final dream of
seeing them play in the high school baseball championship in Koshien Stadium.”

Now let me start off this “review” by saying that I am no means a baseball fan (or wasn’t one before watching this series) and am not really into physical sports at all.

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Halo: Reach, My Experiences (so far…)

So, the Halo: Reach beta went live today, May 3, 2010, and I have played roughly 10 matches and I will discuss my thoughts on how the beta is performing so far.

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A Welcoming Return (with a videogame review)

So… I have returned to this fateful blog, but this time I am going to do something different. Instead of strictly gaming news, I think I will add my opinions on what new games are out, what games I have finished, and whatever comes to mind in this tech-based world we live in. So I shall start with a review of the Xbox 360 game, Splinter Cell: Conviction. Continue reading