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Got the post done a few days early this season! I know that most will by hyped that Attack on Titan is finally returning with a second season, which I will mention in my sequels portion of the post. But for my 12 highlights, I thought I’d narrow the criteria to show only non-sequels and a variety of different shows of interest ranging from mainstream -> niche.  I believe that anime is one of the best story telling mediums there are and hope that at least one show a season catches the eye of readers and fans alike.

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And Spring comes with a whole host of new goodies.

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Another season and another one of these, at this point I’m not sure I’ll ever return to regular blogging. Though that is slowly becoming one of my regrets, I am also coming to terms that my current time schedule wouldn’t allow me to do much with it anyways. As far as life is concerned, I’m moving a bit, but no-where close to where I want to be. But everyday, I’m discovering more things that keep me grounded to this life of mine. One of the few things that I’ve always enjoyed and have never regretted was my interest in anime. As a medium, it has warmed my heard with countless experiences and dragged my imagination to past anything I could’ve ever thought possible. At least for right now, I want to experience more stories and etch them deep in my heart. With that said, here’s what we have for this upcoming season!

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Ash here with another one of these for the upcoming season. I’ve pretty much finished the majority of my stuff from previous seasons (expect afterwords sometime for the series that haven’t gotten one). Xewleer is using the past few days and the upcoming week to finish off his series as well. I’m hoping this will give us the fresh start we need to this next season.

As with most seasons nowadays, this season offers a little bit of everything (who says anime is dying again?) and hopefully you anime fans out there can stumble upon something to your own liking. To date, there hasn’t been a season without a show I could recommend to anyone and it is my hope that is the case for all seasons going forward, unchanged. The industry is constantly evolving to suit the tastes of its supporters and remains my favorite medium for story telling.

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