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Story chapters: Ringrun

I’ve been working on a new story recently. Sadly, it’s not connected to the world. I’d have to force it for it to work, and I don’t think I’d be able to finish it if it wasn’t natural. Continue reading

Here’s the post I promised about the continuation of Xanatos;Deception. This time I’d like to get more into detail about the “main” character of the series. As anyone that has followed my Xanatos series knows, the main male is always a John. Xanatos;Possibility had a John Smith, Xanatos;Rebellion had a John Titor, and Xanatos;Deception has a John Rolfe. I try to always use an existing name of John within these stories and have succeed thus far. Smith references the name given to any average man in English-speaking countries. Titor is about the supposed time traveler that appeared on the internet over a decade ago. And Rolfe is the English explorer that married Pocahontas.

Getting into the heart of the story. 1st’s Fate is, at its core, a love story. The main character is John Rolfe, later known as 1st, and the main female is 7th, later known as Karenn. Anyone who has read my 2nd’s Reflection article may see the semblance in the numerical names here. Well that is to show that the main characters of the nine-arcs of Deception have numerical names. I don’t want to delve too much into the global story of the arcs, so I’ll try to keep focus on 1st’s Fate.

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Excerpt from the Utan Migration Wars, a novel I’m currently writing.

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Story TIME!

This is called ‘Birth’ by 47ness. It is appropriate

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Got home from the doctor today with a few more meds, seem to be doing better, so I decided to finish up the 3rd chapter of Noctune from the Rise of Nadir side stories.

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Webcomic time


Thoughts, comments? We’re thinking of using SNAFU when we’ve got 5 pages or so.

Sky Pirates and Air ships Oh my!

I WISH I could pull that off right in the world that's in the making, but I just can't do it right! WHY!?

I WISH I could pull that off right in the world that's in the making, but I just can't do it right! WHY!?

Man, Writing a proper story is tough! But I want to talk about it… Continue reading