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From tumblr

From tumblr Ah yeah. This will be laughs a minute. I think this is a Homestuck fanart but it was inspiring all the same.

Another short story, courtesy of Xewleer. I swear, if I ever find someone plagiarizing me I will skin them and wear them like a three piece suit. It’s for class, but I was pretty proud of it.

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Ideals and theories are not ends but means. People live to use that which they were born with.

They are unable to resist the temptation to use those things, both to overcome and survive.

Today I’m rambling a bit on the Esper Rebellion that takes place decades before Mihli Lilty‘s Rise to Power.

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Hello again, back with another post regarding The World. I’ve been in the mood to do these lately and by end of May/beginning of June this year I’m hoping to have the wiki be at 2,000 articles. It’ll be a daunting task, but I’m hoping Xewleer will help along the way. Moving on, the focus of this post will have us shift toward the New World era; more specifically┬áMireille Di Lilty, Mihli Lilty‘s first daughter.

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A shorter post than normal, but I figure I’d take some time out to mention a few things regarding the recent Mihli Lilty X Esper changes in the Rise of the Nadir story arc.

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Clock;Zero Teaser 1

Shameless teaser for my senior overview project (yes, I’m finally going to leave college… maybe). It’s going to be a visual novel style game, though I might go more novel than visual in that aspect. Regardless, Xewleer forgot his post for the day so here’s this. I may update more information on this as I work on it, but for now, here’s a teaser.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a “real” posts and especially since I’ve done one on The World.

Progress on the wiki have been rather slow for me in the past year and I hope to really improve on that as it holds a special place in my heart. Xewleer on the other-hand seems to have completely forgetten about it and that’s a shame on itself as he’s one of the co-creators.

Well, whenever he gets bored of writing My Little Pony fanfics, maybe he’ll be back.

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Bricks: Original Short Story

Hey everyone, I’m taking a nightly break from anime to give you a short story I’ve been working on for a while. Don’t worry, despite the image, there are no ponies in the story. I just like the picture. ­čśÇ

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Weekend Wrap 09/08/12

Hey guys, Ash back again with another one of these. I know I promised it earlier in the week, sorry about the delay.

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Carefully Tamed Chaos: Star Scion

Taking a break to post some ponies: Star Scion

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I’ve took a break recently and I’ve been writing stuff for the game and other things. For relaxation I write My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic fanfic. This has been posted up onto Fimfiction.

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